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The Full Story

Well, here I am a real estate broker. How did I get HERE? I didn’t take the usual path. My husband and I moved to the Twin Cities and both had jobs at insurance companies. I loved what I did! We, however, decided we wanted to move back to Duluth to have our family. At the time, there were no big insurance companies here, so I was floundering as to what I should do. My father-in-law was in the real estate business, so I went to work for him. I enjoyed every minute of that, but it just wasn’t the right time for me to venture into the field. Life led me in a different direction. I became a high
school and college Spanish teacher. There were many things that lead up to this decision, but I’ll save
that for another time. It’s a great story, by the way!
Anyway, guess what? I absolutely loved teaching too! I know, weird! I honestly cannot say I have ever
had a job that I didn’t love! I basically LOVE to work! I remember being sad when it was Friday and happy when it was Sunday. Once again, I know…weird! I was even nominated for Teacher of the Year!! After 25 years in the classroom, I once again, listened to my inner guide and decided to retire. On to the next adventure. Real Estate!!!

I had always in the back of my mind knew I would end up here at some point. After some years of pretty darn good success, I ended up taking a couple years off to go to war with breast cancer! With so much help from my family, friends, God, and my medical team, I’m happy to say I came out cancer-free!

Hmmmm, so what’s next? I couldn’t wait to get back to my real estate career. A few more years went by. During this time, I met so many wonderful people and had the best time helping them find JUST THE RIGHT ONE! If they weren’t looking to buy, then I was able to help them sell in order to move on to their next adventure. Either way it was always fun and rewarding. Being the lifelong learner that I am, I decided to pursue more. The next logical step, of course, was to get my broker’s license. And, here I am with my own brokerage! I love being able to be the real estate broker that I feel every client deserves. I love building relationships, listening to their needs and desires, and helping them accomplish those goals. During all of this I raised two amazing children and now have SIX grandchildren! This is THE BEST thing ever! Nothing can compare to family and especially grandchildren!

But down to business here. As a realtor, I guarantee I will work tirelessly to help you sell, buy, lease, or
develop your property! If what you need is not my area of expertise, I will find you the best, qualified person in the area. Remember, I LOVE MY JOB, and I LOVE TO WORK!
See you at the OPEN HOUSE!


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